"If I could see Tears For Fears, I'd take them over everybody right now."

The above quote was overheard in the men's restroom at the Castle Theatre during our show a couple of days ago opening for Hinder.  We had already played, and when I introduced our song, "Come On Do You (Like Tears For Fears?)", which elicited one "No!", I didn't realize I might be planting alternate scenarios in the head of at least one Hinder fan in the audience. That aside, we had quite the experience playing that show.  We performed a very concise set (exactly fitting the 30 minute time slot we were allotted), perhaps our tightest and highest energy of the year.  Tim played the trombone on two songs, and we welcomed our friend Ryan up to play 2nd guitar on three songs.  We sold some shirts and CDs, saw some friends, and got some great feedback from people that seemingly fall well outside of our target audience. Thanks to S.A.W. Events and Kickstand Productions for the opportunity to play.

Next up for us is a set at Firehouse Pizza on Saturday, August 24th with the great Arliss Nancy from Colorado. Details are in the shows section.

Additionally, four songs recorded at Earth Analog in Tolono, IL with Matt Talbott and Jeff Gregory are scheduled to be finished and mixed this upcoming Sunday.  Look for an announcement on where those are headed shortly.

Last, enjoy what remains of the Summer season.  This weather has been rather ridiculously comfortable!  It's been great for writing songs in the dark by a fire.  Yup, one of those bands!

Chris + Werepire Day


Summer Update!

Hi folks,

It's been almost two months since we played a show (the 5th edition of Punkfest in Normal, IL), but we have been very busy working on new songs.  By the time we next take the stage (July 18 at Firehouse Pizza in Normal), we should have 4, maybe even 5, new songs done and burroughing their way into your head.  These songs all seriously rock, and complicate the picture of our next record; we now have too many songs that would be worthwhile to include! It's time to find some compilations or splits to appear on... 

On that note, the day after our Peoria show next month, I will be heading into Earth Analog in Tolono, IL to continue/finish work on a few tracks that at one point were definitely going onto the next full length.  At this point, however, they will likely appear on a proposed split record with Chicago's WitchFeet.  If not that, then perhaps a 7" or cassette.  As for the assorted new songs that we are working on, and the handful that we demoed at Tonelab a few months back, we will whittle down a track list to go about recording later this summer...location to be determined.

If we had our way, we'd most certainly return to Electrical Audio to put more songs to tape with Steve Albini. Our experience there back in April was, personally speaking, unlike any recording situation I've prior participated in. Mr. Albini was a gentleman and quite easy to work with, and his staff and studio were top notch.  We emerged from our brief session with him (thank you again, Illinois State University!) with the 2" reel containing "Soy Sun Sway", and the 1/2" reel containing the mix of "Soy Sun Sway".  It was the most efficient recording I've done, and while that's largely due to the preparation we took, the skillset behind the console was also a major factor. We'll have to look at our schedules and check the monies to see if we can manage to get in there for a couple of days while it's still hot out.  Either way, I hope to have an announcement on where "Soy Sun Sway", in its new form, will end up.

Returning to the couple of shows I mentioned earlier, the Shows page on here has been updated with details regarding our three day swing in July.  We'll be taking several stages with some great bands, including our pals All Eyes West, Great Apes (fr San Francisco, Hanelei, ex-The Ghost, etc.), new friends Withershins (excellent shoegazey stuff from C-U), the mighty Dibiase (great instrumental ROCK fr Collinsville, IL), Boon (very cool alternative/indie rock fr Springfield), Kickstart (pop punk fr Springfield), and last, but not least, Peoria's own Lark's Tongue!  We've been waiting to play with Lark's for quite a while now. These shows are going to be really fun!  Hopefully we'll see a lot of friends and fans at these, our first shows of the summer.  Procure details within this site.

Lastly, speaking of shows, we have some outside muscal happenings before the next Werepire Day shows.  

Ryan also plays drums for Minsk, long-running psych/doom/metal band from all over (but mainly Peoria these days). They have been rehearsing and writing songs for the better part of a year or so, and beginning on July 4th, they are embarking on a five day run through IL, AR, TN, and WI.  Check out if they are coming near you here: Minsk.  On the other end of the musical spectrum, my primarily dormant indie band, Steven, is making a rare appearence on Sunday, July 7th at the Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL as part of the Tornado Belly Rock Festival. Grant, my old friend who sings and plays guitar with me in Steven, is briefly visiting from China which makes this possible.  Our drummer, Neal (who has played with Werepire Day multiple times before), is unable to participate (he's based out of Seattle now), so Lucas from Harps of Tartarus is filling in!  Along with our longtime friend and supporter Reid on bass, we'll be performing songs that we wrote and recorded in 2011, along with ones from the decade-plus prior.  We'll be sharing the stage with our old friends, the Red Hot Valentines (who are reuniting for one night only) and WitchFeet, along with Jonah Matranga (fr Far, Gratitude, Onelinedrawing, etc.) and Burn Daylight (featuring the two Andy's behind the film I mentioned a few months back, We Had This Band). Speaking of We Had This Band, this show is going to be filmed as part of the movie, so your attendance just might put you on the big screen in crowd shots, etc.  The tickets are $10, and available here, and proceeds go in part to The Hammitt School at the Baby Fold and The Pratt Music Foundation.  This show will be a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of a feature film production, and to witness some "classic" Bloomington-Normal bands!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, and please drop us a line if you'd care to book us or pick up a t-shirt or cd.

Chris + Werepire Day


Electrical Audio

Spring is here, and I personally am quite glad that the sun has been out so much lately!  Today in particular is very exciting, as we are heading to Chicago for a quick recording session with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. This came about as part of a contest through a music business course at Illinois State University.  Werepire Day was one of three bands considered by Professor Rose Marshack and her students for an interactive lesson in which a band would record in a real studio setting, and the students would get to see how things work and ask questions. We get to be the guinea pig, and brief as this session will be, we are grateful and thrilled for the chance to work with such an iconic recording engineer!

We'll update you soon on our experience at Electrical Audio, along with further plans to record and more cool announcements.

Thanks for stopping by,

Chris + Werepire Day


Movie stuff! (part one)

We recently learned that some of our music will be featured in a film that is presently in pre-production.  We Had This Band is a film written by Andy Steadman, a longtime ally of the music and arts community in central Illinois. He'll also be directing and acting in the movie.  They are slated to shoot on location in Normal, IL this summer, and they will be holding an informational event, and celebration of sorts, on Friday, March 29th at Jan Brandt Gallery in Bloomington, IL. For more information, check here

Additionally, this movie will feature music by Steven (one of Chris' other bands) and The Spend (the music of Matt Shaw, a friend responsible for the artwork in the CD copies of Redefiner, and the front and back covers of the forthcoming vinyl copies of Redefiner!).



Check back soon, as we have one other movie tidbit to announce!

Otherwise, we are working hard on new material, and will be entering the studio again in a couple of months to commit Dayseizer (our full length debut) to tape.  Thanks for stopping by, and look here for more information on our record(s), new shirts, and more shows soon! 



First up, THANK YOU to everyone who attended one (or more) of our shows over the past two months!  We had a great time playing with old friends and meeting new ones.  Keep an eye out for a couple of dates that we'll be playing later this spring, but in the meantime, check out some demos we recorded this past month!  All four of these songs will be rerecorded for our full length later this spring, but we wanted to give you guys an idea of what we've been working on, and where we are headed in the near future!  With that said, please have a listen:


"Kid, Eh?" is one of the newest of the new songs!  This one is really fun to play.


"CODY"'s been brewing for a couple of years, but it's FINALLY come to fruition with the present lineup!


"Xuxax" is a little different for us, but then again, eclectic is what we do!


"Dayseizer" is the title track for our forthcoming full length debut!


Let us know what you think! And, check back soon as more news is on the way!

Chris + Werepire Day